Individuals and Families

Individual and family needs center around ensuring long-term financial security. Options for individuals and families should provide steady growth with low to medium risk. Pre-retirement individuals are looking for a plan that provides a secure retirement, while retirees may seek income to supplement their savings. Families seek security for their children and grandchildren through stable investments with long-term returns. Because most people are not experienced in financial planning, deciding how best to meet these objectives is prohibitively difficult. 

At CONCERT, we seek to remove the difficulty from financial decisions, empowering you to take control and fulfill your objectives. Individuals we serve want an advisor that can provide a holistic financial plan. Managing the complexities of everyday life is a difficult undertaking, so we seek to provide a roadmap that empowers you to achieve your financial goals.

Business Owners

Business owners face a unique situation as they have to manage not only their personal finances but also those of their business. CONCERT financial advisors are experienced in pertinent situations and can provide consulting services for developing your business or help you determine the best succession plan, so that you can live comfortably in retirement while also achieving the best long-term solution for your business. If you are looking for an advisor that can help both you and your business, CONCERT is the answer. Our holistic approach to financial planning ensures that all of your concerns are taken into consideration before a plan is implemented.

High Net-Worth Clients

With more wealth to manage, high net-worth clients face complex problems that require comprehensive, multi-faceted solutions. Our advisors are accustomed to working through a complex situation and striving to provide the right solution to preserve and grow your wealth. We can assist with managing wealth within your family so that it is preserved for future generations and is passed along according to your specifications. Often this includes estate planning, exploring philanthropic options, and structuring your assets to manage taxes and other consequential implications.

Institutional Clients

Businesses do not have the same needs as individuals. They typically need services such as cash management solutions, employee compensation plans, and succession planning. At CONCERT, we provide corporate services to companies that wish to improve their business, utilize cash diligently and offer retirement plans to their employees. Allow CONCERT to optimize your cash management strategy to capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves, implement a retirement benefits plan to keep your employee’s futures secure, and develop a succession plan to ensure the future of your company is strong no matter what comes its way.